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Vertical Garden

A vertical garden is a wall that is covered with plants that includes a growing medium, such as soil. Vertical Gardens are also known as living walls or green walls. Green walls may be indoors or outdoors, free-standing or attached to an existing wall, and come in a variety of sizes.

The recent trend of vertical gardening is becoming increasingly widespread as gardeners channel their inspiration to new heights of creativity. Gone are the days of strict garden designs; today vertical garden ideas are about showcasing the textures, colours and vibrancy of plants in exciting, new ways. Although not limited to small spaces, vertical gardens are best suited to these areas because they offer the ability to maximize space. Off late, there have been a huge surge in popularity of vertical gardens and green walls, both natural as well as artificial. Nature Nurturer has created many iconic vertical gardens for both commercial and residential properties here in TN. Our vertical garden systems and our green wall applications are endless and are limited only by your imagination.

We provide vertical garden and green wall design ideas for a variety of spaces: Interior walls, exterior walls, homes, boutiques, trade shows, etc. For your natural vertical garden, allow us to help you choose the plants that are best suited for your wall system.

Our vertical garden design services include green wall installations, plant selection and drip irrigation. Based on where you need your vertical garden setup, we provide inputs every step of the way, right from selection of the type of vertical garden system, to choosing plants that are best suited to your vertical garden's micro-climate.

Green Architects will ensure the vertical wall is green from day one and you don’t have to wait for years to enjoy the look you desire. You can opt for drip irrigation system for worry free watering of the plants. Our expert maintenance team will ensure that your vertical green wall stays green forever without worries.
So leave your worries to us and enjoy the refreshing view.


1. What is a vertical garden?

A vertical garden is a method to grow plants on walls. It is also called as green wall or living wall. They are a perfect solution to create greenery in today’s urban spaces

2. How does a vertical garden work?

A vertical garden system is built with a back frame such that it doesn’t damage the wall or surrounding. Drip irrigation system allows Water and nutrients flows to feed the roots which keeps the plants alive.

3. What are the best places to install vertical garden?

A vertical garden can be installed Indoors, Outdoors, Semi shade, Office spaces, wall of commercial buildings, as room partition etc. It is extremely versatile. We will offer you the suitable choice of plants based on the site conditions.

4. How do I water my vertical garden?

Water is supplied at the pots which is gravity fed down, which can be supplied by a drip irrigation or hand watering. We urge our customers to opt for drip irrigation system as they go a long way in ensuring sustainability of the living wall.

5. How do I decide which plants to put?

The choice of plants are decided on the actual site conditions. We will provide you all the possible options of plants.

6. If I want to move my house can my garden come with me?


The Vertical Garden is designed to be a long lasting feature wherever it has been installed. Moving it after installation can be done but would be labour intensive. This is something that can be done of course, however it would be a great selling feature for any prospective buyers of the property