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Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is a technique of doing gardening in a very small space without comprising the scale of the plantation. In this type of gardening, the plants are grown in the panel. The panel can be a freestanding or attached to a support. The panel is designed in a vertical structure with a hydroponic system. The gardening can be done in a space of the size of a photo frame to a large wall. The vertical system of gardening finds its application both internally or externally in compliance with the interior and exterior of the space.

For those of you, who are confined to an apartment lifestyle and have little or no space for practicing full-fledged gardening, vertical gardening could be your saviour. Gardening is a luxury not every city-dwellers can afford. Vertical gardens serve as an alternative option to people who don’t have a lot of horizontal space. All it needs is a little creativity and imaginative mind and you’re good to go.

“What we can do as landscape architects is look at how we can use materials to the best advantage. And our resources like water. Water is so precious that we can’t waste it. We have to use it in small amounts. And we have to use it effectively. – Pamela Palmer

Vertical Gardens
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