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Water Fountains

Water fountains attract positive energy to your home, provided you place it in the right position as per Vastu Shastra

According to Vastu, flowing water symbolises the flow of money, wealth and positivity in the surroundings. So, keeping indoor water fountains is considered auspicious.

It is believed that the flowing water of the fountain reactivates stagnant chi, restores balance to the area and produces beneficial yang energy.

Gardens produce the best aesthetic results when there is a central fixture to gaze upon. Without a garden fountain (or some other feature, like a statue or large natural item), your attention wanders. You may find yourself drawn to different features in the garden every time you come to visit. Because this creates an unknown quality to your visit, the brain automatically kicks in some extra anxiety for you to enjoy. With a centralized feature, there is consistency to draw upon, which means you can relax even more.

In today’s world, there are noises which demand our attention everywhere. From the traffic on the street to the sound of a social media notification, we are constantly on the lookout for a chime or a sound that tells us we need to get something done. A garden fountain provides you with an opportunity to drown all those other sounds out. You can focus on listening to what your body has to say, which can lead to a healthier physical state over time.

Many homes have more air pollution indoors than what is found outdoors. The modern home also tends to have low humidity levels, which create bothersome symptoms in some people. Placing a garden fountain in an indoor environment can help to rectify both situations.

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